Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year

I know it has been awhile, I am sorry. My computer at home is not functioning too well so I am hoping once we get it cleaned up I will be able to post pics from Christmas and what not. I dont have much time now since I am blogging at work (taking a quick break), but I just wanted to say that one of my New Year's Resolution is to try and keep up with this thing, haha. I know everyone has new year resolutions so I thought I would post mine so I can have them up here and hopefully I can stick to them.

1. Keep up with my blog more often

2. Get into a routine of going to the gym instead of paying the monthly fee for no reason :)

3. Adam and I are going to buckle down with our saving and start looking for a house

4. I need to keep up with my daily devotions better

5. Try not to worry about things so much (I am a big worry wort) and know that God has everything under control

These are my resolutions for the year :). If you have any good ones feel free to comment and post your own. I promise to have another post soon once I get the computer running better and my new camera (thanks Adam) on there to upload pics.