Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pics from the ski trip

All of us before the accident

About to head down the mountain!

Packing me up : )

Putting the splint on, the ski patrol guy kept me laughing (he was the best)

The ride down was actually really fun

How I had to ride home

A broken ankle and surgery :(

So sorry for the delay in posting, but I had quite an incident a few weeks ago. Adam and I, along with some friends went to Wolf Laurel for a ski weekend. We got there on Friday night and did the night skiing where we all had a great time. Then on Saturday, the real fun began. We starting skiing at around 9 that morning. I had been doing pretty well that day till about 1:00. I went down a green slope and apparently did not turn right and fell about two feet and proceeded to break my ankle in 3 places. At the time, it did not hurt as bad as I thought a broken bone should so I thought it was just a bad sprain. The ski patrol came and helped me down the mountain in one of those sled things (which was actually really fun, haha). I will put some pictures up tonight of the event. Long story short, we decided to drive back to Greenville so I could go to the emergency room here. I spent 5 loooong hours at St Francis Women's and went home doped up on pain pills till I could go to the orthopedics office on Monday. Dr Womack (if you ever have any foot problems, go to him, he is the best), told me it was broke and set me up surgery on Thursday to have a metal plate and pins put in. That was definitely a long 3 days. Sleep was not good. But surgery went well, and I am now in a hard cast (for 5 weeks) and walking around on crutches. Those are still hard to get used too. But I am hanging in there. It will be a long healing process, but I just keep telling myself that it could have been worse. Everything has its purpose so I am just taking it one day at a time.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who have helped me, sent cards, brought food, and just came to visit. Yall made it a much less painful ordeal than it could have been. It is always nice to know you have friends and family to support you. God has truly blessed me with amazing friends.

Pictures coming soon :)