Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tokyo Joe at Wild Wings

Thursday night Dorothy, Megan, and I went dowtown to Wild Wings to have dinner and see Tokyo Joe play (we missed you Belinda and Erin). It was definitely good times, Dorothy and I stayed to listen to them play some songs and I forgot how great they are. We kept saying well lets see what they play next before we leave, and of course it was always a good song. We finally decided to leave since we both had to work the next day but we cant wait till they come back. If you get the chance to listen to them play, do it. I mean how could you not love a cover band that opens up with "Summer of 69." I mean really!!


We finally got some snow this year!! I was unable to go out and play it in, I dont think it would be too smart to play in snow on crutches. But Adam took Roxie outside and sat her in the snow, which she didnt really like. She stood frozen like a statue once he sat her down. But the snow was really pretty and it was nice big white flakes. I loved it!!! Here are a few pics from the apartment.